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Database, ERP, software development and support

Effective use of data = cost savings, more informed decisions, scalability, collaboration

The more effectively you can store, manage, manipulate, and report on data, the more effective your organization can be.

The right software and database solutions make a powerful difference.  There are a number of keys to understanding today's business software, including the following:

  • Understanding business goals. Technology always serves a business goal. IT exists to make you more efficient, stable, and protected as an organization. Understanding the top goals, the key processes, and the current systems is where it all starts.
  • Efficient software. One of the keys to managing data properly is having software systems that are efficient and properly designed for their function.  Whether it is a finance system or a custom industry-specific application, it is important that the right, efficient systems are in place.
  • Centralized data. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems centralize records and provide for multiple departments and functions in one system. They are becoming more and more cost-effective - previously, they were exclusively for large businesses with 6 or 7 figure software budgets. Now, ERP systems are available to nearly every business and industry.
  • Business intelligence. Having the right data, when you need it, can make a powerful difference for decision making. That is especially true in today's fast-paced, highly-competitive economy.  Every organization needs the right reports, with accurate information presented in a logical fashion, with perfectly up-to-date data.

How Mainstay helps

  • Software consultations.  We work with our clients to first help them understand their particular needs and goals, and what types of software systems may be needed.  Then we work with them (often referring them to a specialist) to identify and implement the right solutions.  These solutions can range from highly complex ERP systems to simple reporting tweaks.
  • Custom applications. Every organization is unique, and some have challenges that no pre-packaged software application can resolve.  We have full-time developers on staff who can create custom applications and databases to fill specific needs. We also are experienced working with specialist development firms who may be able to customize an existing piece of software.
  • Custom reporting.  For the right business intelligence, reports almost always need to be customized.  Customized reports provide the data when it is needed, how it is needed.  With today's technologies (such as SQL Reporting Services), reports can even be automated and emailed to your inbox on a routine schedule.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP support.  A powerful financial software system and ERP is Microsoft Dynamics GP (GreatPlains).  We have extra experience with Dynamics GP that allows us to support it, perform upgrades, and pass on discounts for software renewals to our clients.
  • Staff training. Often, staff revert to paper or inefficient practices solely because they don't know how to take advantage of functionality.  At Mainstay, we believe custom technology training is an important part of any IT strategy.  By providing customized training, we are able to empower staff.

Clients of Mainstay's IT services receive the benefits of these services, along with the power of a full IT team.  Contact us today with any questions or for more information.