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Benefit Updates that Reflect our People’s Passions

Happy people who care about the work and about each other are more important to your workplace than manufactured “company culture” will ever be.

Mainstay Technologies benefitsIt says we’re an Information Technology and Cybersecurity company when you Google us. What we seek to be, however, are not just technology professionals, but human beings who genuinely care about each other and our clients, and are willing to make true sacrifices, and to go above and beyond for each other.

One of the tangible ways we can do that is through the benefits we provide to our team. When our team is well provided for and knows that they are cared for, that contributes an incredibly positive environment, which results in even better service to our clients and helps us achieve our mission to “Give more than we get.”

New perks for all

We recently enhanced our already-pretty-great benefits package with a few new important offerings. A few of the new features include:

  • Three weeks of paid time off when you start; which jumps to four weeks of paid time off after two years;
  • Three percent match in company-offered Simple IRA, from the first day of work;
  • A bonus week off for professional training;
  • Bonuses or additional time off at the five- and 10-year marks;
  • A five-week sabbatical at the 10-year mark;
  • Adoption leave

Just to name a few.

The newly-added benefits are a way we show appreciation, share the bounty of a good year, and give back to those in need in our communities. Sure, we could install a water slide in the parking lot or a CrossFit gym in the basement, but our aim is to strengthen the relationships with the people (and their families) who dedicate themselves to the work and the responsibility of being on-call 24/7 to ensure our clients’ business technology is in perfect order.

A conscious approach to “culture”

We talk often about relationships with clients or partners, but what companies – especially technology companies, where we’re under pressure to look hip, have a raw juice bar and Ping-Pong tables or whatever the latest fad is – really need to do in order to recruit and retain happy employees is also nurture the relationships they have with employees. Some may refer to this as “company culture,” though it boils down to being good, kind, and honest to everyone.

It’s not too good to be true

If this sounds like an environment where you and your skills could fit in, you’re invited to browse the open positions we have now. If you don’t see a role that describes your certain set of skills, contact us anyway because we’re always on the lookout for other smart, kind, honest people to start new conversations with.