Mainstay is looking for a strategic IT leader – a thoughtful, experienced professional who enjoys working with clients, developing team members, and leading technology.   Someone who is deeply committed to integrity and care for others, who seeks to develop those around him/her, who is discerning and strategic, and who is looking to join a compelling team in pursuit of a meaningful mission.  An experienced professional who loves technology, seeking to be a technology leader, but not be hands-on-keyboard technical.

We provide the services of close-to-client, high-standard IT & Information Security departments. We provide clients with a warm and engaging team, a trustworthy operational model, strong technology skill, and extreme consistency.

This position works closely with the team to deliver service to clients.  It carries a balance of responsibility and time among technology, clients, and team.

As part of our service to clients, we provide consistent IT planning, designing their environments, making recommendations, budgeting for replacements, and advising on innovations.  This role carries the responsibility for client technology plans – overseeing team planning, giving guidance, providing accountability, and helping deliver plans and recommendations to clients – along with a degree of consulting to clients.

It is an experienced technologist who seeks elegant solutions within our technology standards.  It is an engaged leader with clients, answering questions, and piloting through unusual situations.  It is a senior mentor to the team, being a resource and developing team members.


Mainstay Technologies provides ongoing IT services & Information Security services to organizations throughout New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Our clients typically have 15-300 staff and look to us for technology leadership, guidance, and service delivery. We are committed to delivering excellence inside of trusted relationships. We care deeply about our clients and about our company – our culture is one of our strongest assets.  We believe in a business model that balances all stakeholders and seeks to provide ever-increasing value to our clients, our team members, our owners, our community, our vendors, and our environment.  Our mission is to always give more than we get, by creating value and positively impacting lives at every turn.

We are in an exciting industry, with significant opportunities ahead of us, we love what we do, and we are growing.  We have won numerous awards, including our most recent two: the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics and Best Companies to Work For.


* Overseeing client technology plans, working with Mainstay Systems Administrators

* Listening to clients, understanding their goals and challenges, and guiding them through technology planning

* Leading clients through established processes for disaster recovery planning, IT budgeting, software decisions, and the like

* Innovating and working with other Team Leaders on improving Mainstay’s service model

* Working with team and clients to align services and ensure clients are satisfied and that service challenges are resolved effectively

* Mentoring team members through their big picture thinking, approach to clients, professional communication, general day-to-day questions, etc.


* Strong inter-personal skills – enjoy relating with staff & clients and leading through situations.

* Exceptional intelligence – seeing the big picture and breaking that down into a plan

* A leader in professionalism and care of team (We have each other’s backs and are committed to helping one another succeed)

* Leadership through example, goal setting, and mentoring, never through micromanaging

* Commitment to career and personal growth

* Ability to flourish in a fast-paced, varied environment

* Aptitude for working with technology, understanding business, and leading people



* 10+ years experience in progressive IT roles, including leadership

* Relevant degree, Masters, and/or industry certifications

* Solid understanding of all aspects of a Microsoft based infrastructure

* Experience delivering IT service (internally as part of an IT department or externally)



We have offices in Belmont and Manchester, NH. This position has flexibility on location as well as working from home.  Some time in both offices will be necessary, and some travel to clients is required (most clients are within a 1-hour radius an office location). A reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license is required (we reimburse for mileage expenses).



This is a full time position with competitive compensation and a full benefits package, including 75% of medical costs covered for the entire family. They also include: a wellness program, certification program, mentoring, charitable program, 401(k) with match, a laptop, smartphone, and generous PTO.


To apply for any of our job listings, please click here to send us an email, with your resume attached, and we will be sure to get back to you. Thank you for your interest in Mainstay!