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New Hampshire organizations got hacked featured image

How three New Hampshire organizations got hacked

There’s no shortage of coverage out there about large-scale cybersecurity breaches; one only has to look to today’s headlines to see the latest charges facing Equifax, or the far-reaching implications of recent hacks to Target, Home Depot or Yahoo! What we hear about less, though, are the local firms and New Hampshire organizations whose businesses may be just as vulnerable as these industry leaders.

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green IT at Mainstay

Solar Power and Green IT

We are celebrating the successful install of a 308 panel array on the roof of Mainstay’s main office in Belmont, NH! Thanks to the great folks at Revision Energy for a fantastic, smooth project.

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Technology’s Exponential Growth Rate, 2016 Edition

For those of us tasked with running an organization, it can be daunting, even overwhelming, to consider all the technology available today – to say nothing of what’s coming tomorrow.  It’s easy to be too conservative. It’s also easy to focus on new innovations and neglect the important fundamentals.

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