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Core Value #3 – World Class Professionalism

This is the latest installment of our ongoing series on Mainstay’s core values, why we think they’re so important, and how they’re relevant to any organization.

As fans of Saturday Night Live in the 90’s will remember, Jimmy Fallon had a recurring sketch called “Nick Burns: Your Company’s Computer Guy,” in which he played the role of the stereotypical IT guy:  he was rude, had poor hygiene, spoke in condescending tones, and was more concerned with showing off how many technical acronyms he knew than helping his co-workers understand their technology.  The only good thing about Nick Burns was that he was a great example to many in the IT industry of what not to do.  (“Mooove!”)

And yet, despite SNL’s popularity, many didn’t seem to learn the lesson – the spirit of Nick Burns is still haunting many a small business.

At Mainstay, however, we’re committed to fostering a culture of World-Class Professionalism because we recognize that the way an organization delivers services is just as important as the services themselves.  It doesn’t matter how many acronyms you know if you’re not making your clients’ organizations and lives more productive, successful, and enjoyable.

So what do these World-Class Professionals look like?

  • They speak kindly, always giving clients and team members the dignity and respect they deserve.
  • They dress appropriately to any given situation, recognizing that proper attire is an important part of giving others confidence and making them feel comfortable.
  • They are self-managers.  They don’t need to be micro-managed, but are excellent at assessing a situation, recognizing what needs to be done, and then making it happen without prodding.
  • They are always doing more than what is required.  We call this “Service +1” – always seeking to do more than what is asked of us.
  • They are constantly striving for improvement, never resting on their laurels, but seeking to raise the standard they previously set for themselves.

Therefore, we seek team members who understand that to be a world-class IT professional, you must first be a world-class professional.  And although that won’t necessarily get you parodied on an SNL sketch, we know a great place where you could come and work.

We’d like to hear from you!  How has your organization cultivated this kind of professionalism?  Are there specific policies or trainings you’ve put in place to encourage it?  How do you screen potential hires, not just for job skills, but overall professionalism?