Our mission: We give more than we get.

We define success as creating value for all who are impacted by Mainstay. We believe in positively impacting every life we touch.

Being a good Steward

We live in a miraculous world, surrounded by wonder.  That life exists at all is a miracle. That we are surrounded by beauty, sustained through the energy of the sun, supported by the trees, plants, animals, and entire natural world around us… is wonderful.

As a team, we live in New Hampshire and Massachusetts – and we believe that northern New England is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

We desire to be a good steward of this natural wealth. As a company implement green practices to try to minimize any negative impact on the environment. Our mission is to give more than we get; that requires that we not “take” from the environment in order to create value for other stakeholders.

Formally, this involves: