Microsoft Azure Services

Azure is the leading cloud platform. With near perfect reliability, a wealth of options, and a low price point, Azure means that small businesses have access to a new world of Microsoft-integrated cloud options. Infrastructure hosting lets clients move all (or a portion) of their back-end to the cloud. Server 2016 and Citrix on Azure both provide compelling options for the entire organization to migrate to the cloud. Moving fully to the cloud requires careful planning and expertise, but can be a compelling advantage for nearly any organization. Read our blog about Microsoft Azure.

Office 365 Services

Mainstay has migrated nearly 100 organizations to Office 365. Those organizations take advantage of the remarkable stability, security, and efficiencies that Office 365 brings, with its email offering, SharePoint hosting, Skype for Business, Microsoft Office licensing, and more.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Gone are the days of swapping backup drives or worrying about disaster recovery. All businesses can now leverage the cloud for compelling business continuity. If infrastructure crashes, not only is the data safe, but the servers can be started on a backup device, or in the cloud, protecting critical business operations during an IT outage. Mainstay primarily works with Datto, Veeam, and Azure to provide the best Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution for our clients.

Other Cloud Services

The cloud can be leveraged in nearly every facet of an organization. We provide our clients with application hosting, website hosting, spam filtering, and managed security, to name a few. We partner with industry leading datacenters for clients requiring private cloud, and we are constantly developing our tools and training, to ensure we can lead and serve our clients well.