We seek to understand our client’s business, success measures, and goals. As IT consultants, it is what is important to our clients that drives our priorities. All clients care about uptime, security, and efficiency – translating to reliable systems and happy staff. But beyond that, there are tremendous opportunities to leverage technology.


We take the guesswork out of IT’s success. We measure satisfaction on an ongoing basis (and our clients see that data), but IT is about more than “are people happy.” We provide our clients with detailed reports on service delivery, system health, trends, inventory, and status of IT. We utilize an advanced Business Intelligence system to hold ourselves to the highest service standards.


We help our clients with effective policies, create Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure backup plans meet business needs, assist with multi-year IT budgeting, and ensure that strategic planning for IT meets the organization’s goals. For some organizations, this is simply a recurring meeting where we outline recommendations. For others, it involves complex, multi-year strategic plans. The important part is focusing on the future, planning for the business.


Mainstay team members hold active certifications including CCNA, VCP, MCSE, and MCSA. We maintain numerous partnerships and have a robust training approach to ensure that we are continually providing the best technical advice and engineering to our clients.


When it comes to implementing new technology, Mainstay’s team has an exceptional track record. Whether migrating to Office 365, implementing a new Active Directory domain, engineering VMware high availability clusters, setting up a terminal server, or upgrading firewalls and switches, Mainstay’s engineers have the skills to deliver it on-time, on-budget, and engineered to best practices. We care deeply about industry best practices – if IT is configured properly, it should be extremely stable and scalable, serving the organization for years to come.


Proactivity = prevention of issues, which = happier  in a less costly business. Mainstay delivers this through a combination of advanced automation and dedicated staff. Our clients receive a dedicated Systems Administrator as part of their Mainstay team – someone who knows their environment inside and out, who ensures system health, and works diligently on their behalf.


Effective monitoring tools allow us to measure system health and respond to potential issues before they impact our client. We monitor a host of backup, security, system health, hardware, and software elements and report on them on an ongoing basis.


Our procurement team works to ensure that our clients buy the right IT equipment, at the right price, with proper ongoing warranties/support. We procure well over $1m of equipment each year along with handling tracking, returns, renewals, and all the logistics that come with managing IT infrastructure for each of our clients.