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The Art & Science of Selecting the Right IT Services Structure and Partner

Selecting the right IT service structure for your business, whether that be the right internal staff or the right outsourced provider, can have an impact that can hardly be overstated. On this hinges your company’s operational efficiency, quality of service, and even the joy your team experiences. The challenge is in selecting the right IT service structure and partner, which is both a science – finding the evidence to prove out the best process and outcomes – but also an art – identifying the right people and approach to achieve the best experience for your team.

At Mainstay Technologies, we care that you find the right fit internal IT structure or outsourced partner, whether or not that’s us. Join Senior Director Ryan Robinson for guidance on what you need to know about current relevant IT industry factors, the IT management options available, and how to navigate selecting the right partner by developing a “data-informed gut” to support your executive decision-making.

This session is ideal for:

  • Leaders faced with retirement of IT staff or are discussing succession planning
  • Managers that sense not IT isn’t firing on all cylinders, but unsure of exactly how to move forward
  • Executives tasked with managing and evaluating current IT staffing and vendors
  • Nonprofit directors and small business owners seeking to balance costs with the need for technology sophistication

Can’t make it? Request the recording:

Tuesday, November 30, 2021
1-2 p.m.
40-min talk followed by Q&A

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