If you are unfulfilled in your career, that is a real problem. It isn’t just about finding work you love, it is about fulfilling the very purpose of your life.  We all optimize our careers for what we hold as the highest outcome from work.  For most, that’s money; for some, it’s passion.  Both are only partially true.  The highest outcome of work is meaning.  When our careers are used to pursue what is meaningful we align to work’s true purpose. In doing so, we gain a chance at achieving success worthy of the 100,000+ hours we will spend pursuing it. Join Ryan Barton for his passionate belief in the true story of work, and practical guidance towards pursuing work that matters.

Work + Meaning. What is work’s true purpose, and how do we pursue it?

On average, each of us will spend nearly 100,000 hours working. That’s 1/3 of our waking adult life (not including the countless hours preparing for work, driving to work, stressing about work, thinking about work). What is the purpose of work? It’s more than what you think.

About the Virtual Learning Sessions

These free executive-style virtual sessions are designed for business owners, corporate executives, aspiring leaders, and administrative directors. Sessions range from redefining work and meaning, and remote work done right, to selecting an outsourced business services partner. See the full list of upcoming sessions.