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Living and working in New Hampshire

Finding talent in New Hampshire

One of my favorite NH views – Rattlesnake Mountain

Ask any leader of a growing business what their biggest challenges are, and expect to hear those words. Regardless of the state, the area, the position, the industry – it’s always hard to find good people.  And in a way, there is no more important aspect of a business than recruiting the right people.  We put a lot of focus on it at Mainstay – I see over a thousand resumes and conduct hundreds of interviews over the course of a year to find those next Mainstay team members.

One of the most fun aspects of recruiting is when we can attract great talent not just to Mainstay, but to New Hampshire.  This year, we’ve hired at least 2 professionals from out of state who relocated to New Hampshire (and love it).

This week, I have talked with two more out-of-state candidates, and it has me thinking about the great qualities of living and working in New Hampshire (we also have team members and clients in Massachusetts, but as an NH native, I’ll always have a partiality for my home state!)… I was fortunate to receive a “rising stars award” from Stay Work Play – a great organization that focuses on bringing and keeping professionals to New Hampshire, and they aren’t alone in a focus on recruitment and retention at a statewide level.

A friend of mine works for a silicon valley startup, but lives in New Hampshire, working primarily remotely. He is trying to recruit more engineers like him to the state – over a glass of local beer he looked at me and said “why wouldn’t you want to live in NH if you could?”

To all of those thinking of relocating to the granite state, here are 7 things I love about living and working in New Hampshire:

1. Unbelievable beauty.

There are few places on earth that can compare to New Hampshire.  From the mountains to the lakes to the forests to the ocean – there’s no place like NH.

2. Family friendly state.

It’s a great place to raise a family, with low crime, family values, and neighborliness.

3. Tax friendly state.

We have significantly low taxes, low regulation, and a focus on individual freedoms.

4. Great place to start and run a business.

There are few degrees of separation between anyone in NH – it really is a small world. I’ve found the business community to be incredibly supportive ever since I started (what became) Mainstay out of the back of my truck years ago.

5. 4 seasons.

Winters do get a little long, but the 4 seasons are stunning and provide great recreation and activities year round.

6. The people.

There are some wonderful, great people in New Hampshire.

7. Opportunity.

While we may not be known as a center for booming business, there is a quietly growing startup scene, technology growth, and significant business opportunity.

We’re focused on being the kind of company that attracts great professionals. I just want to thank all of those who are working tirelessly on keeping NH the kind of place that attracts great talent from across the country!

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