Margaret Gagnon

Winchester, Massachusetts
What accomplishments have you attained, that set you apart?
BA in Business Administration and BS in Economics, both from UNH; MBA with finance concentration from Boston College.
What was your first memory of using computers?
I grew up playing Intellivision with my Dad and my siblings. We really loved to play Utopia! My father, who worked with computers from their beginning, liked to backwards engineer electronics during his spare time. I watched him discover how an electronic chess game worked, and then take it apart and reprogram it so that it could win against him, to my amazement.
When you’re not found in front of a computer you are…
Performing music (either by myself, with my family or friends, or other various groups), walking in the woods, playing disc golf, or during Covid-19, playing Wingspan or other board games. I also like to travel when possible.
What was the last great book you read?
I absolutely loved the book A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman, which shows that community can come from the most unlikely places. For productivity and to help me focus on the top priority, I like The One Thing by Gary Keller. Lastly, the book The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom is great to remind you that you never know the lasting impact you can have with your everyday interactions.
What is something unique about you?
I’ve had the opportunity to see the 48 contiguous states, 7 Canadian provinces, and many different countries in Europe, South America, and Asia. This has helped to give me a good perspective on different cultures and philosophies.
What is a silly or interesting event that you’ve participated in previously, and what did you take away from the experience?
When my kids were younger, I coached both of their Destination Imagination Teams. This gave me the opportunity to encourage my kids (and their friends) to solve problems creatively and collaboratively, and to use lots of duct tape and make funny hats! It also allowed us all to enjoy coming up with unique and sometimes outright crazy, but effective, solutions to complex challenges.
What would you do if you had an extra 5 hours a week?
I’d do more day trips with my husband, play more music, read more, and find new local trails to hike. We really try to get to the ocean and the mountains at least once a month, and we are fortunate to live in a place where that is possible. I would also love to spend more time with friends and family.
If you could go anywhere for an entire month, where would it be & what would you do (and why would you do it?)
I’d either go to California to visit my son and then some of the amazing natural wonders in the West, or go back to Germany (where I lived for 4 years) and then travel around the rest of Europe. I love to visit new cultures and see different ways of living.