Our mission: We give more than we get.

We define success as creating value for all who are impacted by Mainstay. We believe in positively impacting every life we touch.

Our Philosophy

We believe business, done right, creates value for all and yields lasting, successful relationships.  We seek to partner with vendors to maximize value for our business and our clients and are proud of long-term, positive relationships with our vendors.  We prioritize working with local vendors whenever possible.

Because we serve as the IT department for our clients, we procure hardware and software for them, leveraging our buying power to maximize our clients’ investments.

Providing stable, fast, secure, cost-effective Information Technology systems requires outstanding technology and technology partnerships.

A Sample of our Technology Vendors

VM Ware

Evaluating new vendors

We evaluate new technologies and products frequently, and we leverage a cross-functional team approach.  If you have an innovative technology, product, or service you believe we should review, please indicate that you have seen this process and email us information about your product at