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Guide to Outsourcing IT

The 4 Models and Their Costs


If you’re considering outsourcing IT, you know that:

  • IT is important: Every dollar of revenue and nearly every interaction relies on IT
  • IT is complex: And growing more so
  • IT is full of risk: Security incidents (and downtime) damage the organization

You also know that:

  • You are concerned about being stuck and left behind your industry due to ineffective IT
  • You lack the organizational budget to staff a fully staffed, multi-faceted, highly trained IT team in-house, led by a technical business leader
  • You worry about the consequences of wrong IT decisions: selecting the wrong support model, overpaying for technology, or thinking IT is all set when it isn’t

Dramatically simplify your outsourced IT selection process and increase the chance of a successful fit by understanding the 4 categories of IT companies. IT companies sometimes overlap but usually fall fully into one of these categories. Identify which model fits you the best and how to identify companies in that category.

Your IT Approach

Likely fit…

I value issue resolution and keeping costs at a minimum. I am comfortable with some downtime, hassle, and security issues if it means saving costs.  

Typical size: Few employees

1. Break/Fix

I want proactive IT and security, and my organization isn’t very complex.  I am willing to manage a little more closely to save cost.  

Typical size: < 20 employees

2. Small MSP

I need strong security, steady uptime, and consistent IT that provides a positive experience for my team. 

Typical size: 10-500 employees

3. Mature MSP

I am highly technical and need direct access to sophisticated IT teams for projects and individual services.

4. Mid-market Outsourced