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Response to “Business of the Year” Award

Business NH Magazine recently announced they chose Mainstay Technologies as the 2013 Business Services “Business of the Year.”


We feel incredibly honored by this. The credit belongs with each of the incredible team members that have joined Mainstay, with our amazing clients, and with all of the organizations and community members who have encouraged us and helped us through the years.

I want to write this to thank you all. To thank every client, vendor, leader, friend, family member, team member, and community member who has encouraged us, and who has seen the value in what we’re building, and how we’re building it – in the services we deliver, and how we deliver them.

For me personally, it’s humbling. Even daunting. I see this award as a challenge: A challenge to make sure every action, every communication, every issue resolution, every recommendation, and everything we do holds to the standard of this award and is truly worthy of this kind of recognition.

Of course, we’ll never get there fully. And that is the exciting thing about business – it’s a never-ending journey. This may be a milestone for us, but we feel our work is just beginning.  We believe the rapid pace of innovation, the opportunities facing small businesses, and the challenges facing NH and MA organizations call for ever-evolving responses.  We aim to grow (in quality, in size, and in breadth) through providing our clients more and more value, through having more and more understanding of their challenges and the technology solutions they need, and through providing an ever-expanding team of resources and an ever-expanding pool of wisdom.

And the only way we can call it “success” is if we do it in a way that blesses those around us – that provides excellence to clients, fulfillment to team members, impact to our community, and positive value to all.

To Business NH Magazine, to our many clients who wrote testimonials on our behalf, to the New Hampshire community at large – thank you. Thank you for encouraging us that we are on the right path. That we are succeeding in some small measure in our goal of serving businesses and organizations in a way filled with integrity and excellence.

It means more than you know.

Thank you!

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