Ryan Barton

Ryan BartonWhat is your role at Mainstay?
As CEO of Mainstay, I am responsible for ensuring that we have a compelling vision, that we create the right strategies, and that we are hitting our goals. I work closely with the executive team on strategic planning and the continual evolution of our IT services. We have a fantastic team and really wonderful clients, which makes my job a true joy.
What are your technology specialties?
IT strategies – crafting the right strategic plan and most effective use of technology for an organization. I work with the team to develop technology-focused strategic plans, and custom-tailored solutions for clients that meet their business goals. I began my career in IT consulting in 1999, founding the company that became Mainstay Technologies in 2004. Since then I have worked with all members of our team to provide top-notch services to our clients.
What professional events do you participate in, or what skills or accomplishments have you attained, that set you apart?
I received IT training in a variety of avenues and have always been passionate about study and training in the industry. I first gained Microsoft Certified Professional status in 2002.I have been honored to receive Young Professional of the Year awards from both Stay Work Play (Rising Stars Awards) and the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.
What was your first memory of using computers?
When I was 9, my father brought home a “cutting edge” black and white computer from work. I think I spent 8 hours on the computer that first day and I never looked back. I found technology endlessly fascinating and rewarding, and the journey began for me that very day.
What was the last great book you read?
Too many to list! I’m an avid reader and typically have 3 or 4 books going. Top books include the Bible, “The Brothers Karamazov” (Dostoyevsky), “East of Eden” (Steinbeck), “The Tipping Point” (Gladwell), “Chronicles of Narnia” (Lewis), “Good to Great” (Collins), “Cloud Atlas” (Mitchell) and many more…
What is something unique about you?
I am passionate about building sustainable businesses and charities. I believe in the power of a “conscious” organization to bring good into the world in a long-term, sustainable way. I love to learn and challenge myself, so my hobbies are frequently changing, and I typically have 2-3 books going at once.
What would you do if you had an extra 5 hours every week?
I would spend even more time with my wife Trish and daughters Chloe and Olivia and son Noah!
What are you most frequently heard listening to?
A wide range of music. I am a fan of nearly every genre, so on a daily basis it might range from George Winston to Sigur Ros to Radiohead to Pink Floyd to Joss Stone to Massive Attack.
What is your favorite sports team?
New England Patriots
What is one thing that everyone should know about Mainstay?
This team genuinely cares. It is an incredibly committed, passionate group of people who are deeply dedicated to serving clients by keeping their technology reliable and unlocking new IT strategies. That kind of caring, and commitment to core values is not a “tacked on” thing for this team – it’s an intrinsic part of our DNA.