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From Custom Apps to Database Administration

Code matters to your organization. Software makes your business run. Websites are your public face to the world. Mainstay provides local, professional development for custom apps, databases, SharePoint implementations, and websites.

Development done right

Skilled at solving complex challenges, our developers live locally and serve clients by providing database expertise, scalable websites, and custom applications for those business niches that no off-the-shelf product can hit. All with fast and passionate support!

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Development Overview

Custom Applications

Most business needs are served by off-the-shelf software. Most, but not all. Mainstay leverages open-source frameworks, local developers, and agile development methods to help clients fill those niche database and application needs. Whether it’s replacing an Access database or solving a new business process challenge, we follow a process to consult and explore all the options, and deliver rock-solid, well-supported applications when appropriate. Read more >>

Databases, Reporting, and Business Intelligence (BI)

From Access to Microsoft SQL, from databases running on old PCs in the corner to load-balanced databases on Azure, we see it all. Businesses need support for the back-end of their database technologies as well as support for the data itself, through reports and Business Intelligence dashboards that give managers command over the business operations. And that’s exactly what we provide. Read more >>

Municipal Websites

We have a long tradition of working with municipalities on their technology needs. A successful municipal website requires a great design, easy navigation, easy updating by multiple department heads, and organization of minutes, agendas, RFPs, and more. We have developed a back-end system called TownCloud which allows for cost-effective, easy-to-use municipal websites. Read more >>

Website Development and Website support

Websites need to serve the needs of a business. Considering having a new website developed? Talk to Mainstay if you’re interested in a long-term, reliable support relationship, good advice, and top-notch development. Our capabilities range from simple, beautifully designed websites to highly scalable, security hardened, framework based websites. In addition, we often can assume support for a current website to inject reliability and scalability. Read more >>

SharePoint Support

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that needs customization and support. A surprising number of small businesses have SharePoint either locally, or through Office 365, but only utilize a fraction of its power. Mainstay’s focus is to leverage SharePoint in an efficient, agile way, implementing small and large projects for clients and providing exceptional ongoing support, at a low cost. Read more >>

We take pride in our ability to integrate unique solutions onto websites and are committed to providing quality support to our customers. Our expert technicians are available by phone and email. Unlimited remote support included in most ongoing agreements.

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