Databases, Reporting, and Business Intelligence (BI)

Businesses run on data. That data needs to be accurate, easily accessible, and presented in the best way for making decisions.

Data Empowers Decision Making

Having accurate, up to date and relevant data informs important decisions & ongoing policies. These in turn directly affect the success of any business or organization. Mainstay leverages the power of Microsoft’s Power BI & as well as the BrightGauge business intelligence tool. These allow us to create dashboards and analysis into data.

BI is about providing decision makers with an instant window into the data that matters, in an easy to use, easy to see format. We first started working with BI systems when we implemented them internally at Mainstay, and we can attest to the results. Gone are the days of cumbersome reports and data invisibility! Implementing BI was like turning the headlights on – getting to see further in the future, anticipate bumps and curves, and take proactive action.

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In addition, Mainstay’s developers are skilled at quickly navigating the challenges of small and large databases. We help our clients with custom database scripts, SQL administration, database migrations, custom tables, and the like.

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