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Solar Power and Green IT

Green IT: yes, that’s a thing.

green IT at MainstayWe are celebrating the successful install of a 308 panel array on the roof of Mainstay’s main office in Belmont, NH! Thanks to the great folks at Revision Energy for a fantastic, smooth project.

We now produce enough solar power that it offsets all electrical consumption of the 20,000 sq. ft. building (Mainstay is not the only tenant), equivalent to 89 megawatt hours per year (89,000 kWh).

As a geek, it’s extremely fun to be able to monitor our power generation daily, and to know that we have this kind of high-tech equipment in our building infrastructure.

As someone who cares about the environment, it’s gratifying to be able to implement this solar array, knowing we are adding that much renewable energy to the grid, lessening Mainstay’s carbon impact significantly, and adding to the demand for solar panels which is necessary to drive down cost. The ultimate goal is that solar panels and battery backups are cheap enough that it makes sense for nearly all businesses and homes to be able to generate their own power. It takes customers (lots of customers) in the marketplace to create enough demand that the costs are driven down.  And within the first week, we generated enough power to be the equivalent of planting over 100 trees.

As a business leader, it’s gratifying to know that it’s a financially astute move as well, that will have strong paybacks and (thanks to our state and federal credits for renewable energies) has less than a 10 year ROI.

As a team, we all seek to be intentional about positively impacting every life we touch and creating value for all we impact, and that includes the environment.

Now if we could just get some more sunny days this summer in New Hampshire!

– Ryan Barton, CEO of Mainstay Technologies