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Jonathan Peabody (JP)

SOC Analyst

What was your first memory of using computers?

It’s hard to go back 20 years or so in my memory, but I think it was me playing SkiFree on my Dad’s massive computer/TV hybrid. I wasn’t very good at it and I kept getting eaten by the yeti, but it’s one of the things that showed me the magic of computers.

When you’re not found in front of a computer you are…?

If you do manage to catch me when I’m away from my computer, I’ll likely be on top of a mountain skiing my way down. I love traveling all around New England to visit all the different mountains and try as many trails as possible. In no particular order, my favorite three are Cannon, Okemo, and Attitash. I’ve made a lot of great memories at these places, and I can’t wait for next winter so I can make some more.

What would you do if you had an extra 5 hours every week?

With an extra 5 hours each week, I’d probably spend more time learning how to bake breads and desserts. I can cook well, but I’ve never quite figured out baking. Although it tastes good, most things I make usually end up flat!

If you could go anywhere for an entire month, where would it be?

With an entire month, I could get quite a lot of traveling done. I’d like to take a trip to Europe and visit as many different places as possible to sample all their different cuisines. There are so many dishes and foods out there that I’ve never tried before, and I’d love to have that authentic experience.

What are you most frequently heard listening to?

My musical preferences are all over the place. In the morning it could be Daft Punk, Savant, and EDEN, and by the end of the day it might end up shifting to Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Gorillaz. Throw in a few soundtracks from some popular movies and video games, and that sums up my musical profile pretty well.

Favorite sports teams?

I can’t decide on one, I’m split between the current Evil Geniuses and Team Secret rosters in Dota 2. I love watching all their players bring new strategies and skills to each tournament they attend, as well as all the energy and passion they have for their game. I’ve only been able to see them in person once, but I’m hoping to see another tournament soon.