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Thomas Tanner

Thomas Tanner


I am originally from Madison, CT but moved to Washington, NH when I was 12. Yes, Washington, NH. I have enjoyed New Hampshire and the mountains very much since moving here. I love the peace and quiet.

What are your technology specialties?

I started out with a Cisco Networking background from attending NHTI’s Cisco Networking Academy, and took these skills into my first full time positions. I eventually grew into project management and deployments ranging from server migrations/upgrades, Office 365 migrations, and VMware deployments.

What professional events do you participate in, or what skills or accomplishments have you attained, that sets you apart?

I recently attended “VMware World” in Maine last summer. I had a blast seeing the development of virtualization technology and SaaS, Software as a Service. A lot of major vendors that I work with to this day were present, like Dell, Lenovo and Cisco. In addition to attending engaging events, earning my VCP DCV 6.5 Certification was also a major accomplishment for me!

What was your first memory of using computers?

My first memory of using a computer is playing around with my the family’s Windows 95 Machine. I remember as a young kid being attracted to Minesweeper and Tanks, the pre-loaded games that used to come with Windows! Shortly after that I can remember my Dad showing me how to reload an operating system. Of course, I then took the opportunity to install Harry Potter and Diablo. My Dad used to remind me how many resources those games took up on the family machine. From there I remember always being interested in trying to fix any issues that came up, or upgrades required to play the latest games.

When you’re not found in front of a computer you are…

When I am not in front of my computer. I am enjoying time with my one year old and my family. We enjoy all kinds of outdoor adventures, whether it be fishing, hiking, or going to the beach. We often take trips to Northern New Hampshire to see the mountains. I am also an avid gamer and will often stay up late on my Xbox. I love watching documentaries wherever I can find them, and I will also take the time to play my guitar. In the wintertime, you can catch me mountainside snowboarding!

What was the last great book you read?

It is hard for me to choose just one book! I am very big into Science Fiction. I love the Inheritance Cycle, Lord of the Rings and all the Harry Potter’s. All of these stories helped me not only as “coming of age” tales but also in helping me think outside of the box!

What would you do if you had an extra 5 hours every week?

I’d try to split the time between spending more time with my one year old and family while also training towards a specific certification. I am passionate about networking, VMware and Microsoft systems, and love learning and getting deeper understanding on how things work, so those hours would fly by!

If you could go anywhere for an entire month, where would it be and what would you do (or why would you do it)?

Definitely travel around Europe as much as possible. I am very interested in history and would love to see anything related to World War II. Being able to stand where a lot of iconic battles took place would mean a lot to me. In addition, I would take my family to Germany and Italy. I have relatives in Germany and a lot of my heritage ranges from both countries.

What are you most frequently heard listening to?

I enjoy all types of music except for Country. Sorry Country fans!

Favorite sports teams?

I do not have a favorite sports team per se but I do enjoy rallycross and Nascar. I am a fan of Tanner Foust, Ken Block, and Chase Elliott.