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Thank You for the Honor – Belknap EDC

Last week, Mainstay Technologies was presented with the “Corporate Soul Award” from the Belknap Economic Development Council (BEDC).

What an honor!

Previous winners include some really generous and community driven businesses such as, Eptam Plastics and Patrick’s Pub. It’s truly an honor to follow in their footsteps.

Mainstay’s mission statement is, “We give more than we get”.  We believe that businesses exist to create value, and that good businesses intentionally create value for everyone they touch – including their community!

This is what drives our commitment to nonprofits, charity programs, our involvement in the business community, time spent helping others,and ultimately, the way we approach business.

The Corporate Soul award was especially gratifying, as it was given in recognition of the work we did for the ‘200 x 2020’ initiative for BEDC. Mainstay’s Software Engineering team created a custom, web-based application to facilitate internships for high school students. BEDC’s vision is to help high school students encounter great careers in their home community, and expose students to career opportunities. The goal of this initiative is to have 200 internship opportunities in Belknap County by the year 2020.

The tool we created can be seen at www.lakesregioninternships.com.

As is typical for the Mainstay team, our developers (on their own) went over and above, pouring their commitment into this project. Mainstay discounted rates to make the project feasible for BEDC, and we have all been gratified by the project’s success. The Corporate Soul award is a testament to the team and each team member’s commitment to creating value and positively impacting lives.

We are grateful for this award, and we promise our NH and MA business community that we will continue to “keep” our soul as we grow and seek to create more value, for more people.

Thank you, BEDC!