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Mainstay Honored in NH Best Companies to Work For Hall of Fame

This year, Mainstay entered the NH “Best Companies to Work For” Hall of Fame, as it is our fifth year making the list.   

It is the work of this team that is being recognized in the Hall of Fame!  It is the dedication, care, and skill of each of my teammates that are worthy of this honor. 

The Mainstay Technologies Team all together celebrating being honored as a NH best companies to work for

At Mainstay, we believe in a few simple things: 

  1. Success is measured in the lives of people.  We pursue success for many stakeholders, but at the top of that hierarchy are people. We hold this truth: we are only successful to the degree we positively impact the lives of people around us. Doing the right thing by them matters more than any transitory business success measure.   
  2. Business can be a place of care.  Deep, authentic care for each other does not need to be at odds with high standards of business performance.  In fact, performance standards can be a way we express care for each other, build capable teams, and draw out the best from ourselves and our teammates. 
  3. Work done right furthers genuine human flourishing.  We can personally grow and transform while serving others and furthering their prosperity in the world – all while generating the financial resources necessary for a good life!   

It is the team that puts this in action every day while delivering radically trustworthy IT services to clients.  

As a teammate recently said:

“I feel like a PERSON here. I’m treated as one, I care deeply about the people I work with, and I feel the same is true in the reverse.”

We have been steadily building Mainstay on this foundation since 2004, and we plan to keep pursuing ever-more goodness for ever-more people for decades to come as a team on a mission. 

Thank you to Business NH Magazine for this award, thank you to all the other award winners for their inspiration and model, and thank you to our amazing clients who we get to partner with each day! 

And above all, thank you to my teammates, whom I salute and thank, as we receive this award!  

Ryan Barton, CEO