On Awards, and being named as the “Best of Business” IT services firm in NH

Monday 02.27.17

We’ve all seen the Hollywood awards shows where everyone gets together, dresses to the nines, and engages in a hearty round of self-congratulations. At last year’s Golden Globe Awards, however, Jim Carrey hilariously cut through the pomp and circumstance and gave the other actors at the awards show a little tongue-in-cheek perspective.   “Thank you, … Continue reading

Microsoft Partner – Gold Competency

Thursday 02.02.17

Mainstay is honored to have been a Microsoft Partner for over a decade, and we are pleased to announce that Mainstay now has two Gold competencies, along with our Silver competencies.  This is the highest level of partnership in the Microsoft Partner Network which provides us additional resources that we leverage on behalf of our clients. … Continue reading

Technology’s Exponential Growth Rate, 2016 Edition

Monday 11.07.16

I first wrote this blog in early 2013. It received positive coverage and was viewed thousands of times. In the nearly 3 years since, we have seen the increasing importance of cybersecurity, cloud has become more accessible to small businesses, and Virtual (and augmented) Reality is finally here.  The exponential explosion of technology continues today, as it did in 1965, … Continue reading

Azure – things to know

Friday 09.23.16

Microsoft has set its sights on Amazon and Google and is making no secret of its business plan to dominate the business cloud market.  Have a Windows server? A desktop or laptop running Windows? Microsoft wants your data, your operations, your business on its cloud. That cloud is called Azure.  It was launched in 2010.  … Continue reading

IT Security, cybersecurity

Takeaways from NHBR Cybersecurity Event

Monday 06.20.16

I had the privilege of being on the cybersecurity panel at a recent NHBR event, alongside some wonderful industry experts.  As always, cybersecurity is a terrifying and fascinating topic. One of the key topics discussed is that security is never black and white – it’s not “you have it or you don’t.” It is always … Continue reading

Best of Business NH - Managed IT Services

Thanks to our clients for BoB award!

Thursday 03.03.16

Last week, we were incredibly honored to learn we have won a “Best of Business” (BoB) award from New Hampshire Business Review, for the Managed IT Services category.

Living and working in New Hampshire

Thursday 11.12.15

One of my favorite NH views – Rattlesnake Mountain “Finding talent” Ask any leader of a growing business what their biggest challenges are, and expect to hear those words. Regardless of the state, the area, the position, the industry – it’s always hard to find good people.  And in a way, there is no more … Continue reading

Spear Phishing

Tuesday 08.25.15

This week, our CFO received an email from me asking for assistance on sending funds through a wire. Only problem? It wasn’t me. It was an example of an increasingly common phenomenon called Spear Phishing. As long as email has been around, there have been scams. Some have just been for the fun of it … Continue reading

Q&A for Developing a New Website

Monday 04.20.15

A new website is always a big deal – it’s a representation of the company, a 24/7 sales person, a resource. We love getting to work with our clients on their websites. Each one is unique – serving the goals of each unique organization in its own way. I had a conversation with a client … Continue reading