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Our Impact

We believe in using the power of technology and of business to help people flourish

01. Measurement

Impacting lives with quality measurements.

We measure our success by the lives we impact. Each day, we serve thousands of clients, lifting the burden of IT and ensuring they have the technology they need to prosper. We serve our team, providing meaningful work in a culture of growth and care.

We believe a strong business also strengthens its community and stewards its environment.

02. Environment

Deepening our environmental impact at the core.

We live in a miraculous world, surrounded by wonder. That life exists at all is a miracle. That we are surrounded by beauty, sustained through the energy of the sun, supported by the trees, plants, animals, and entire natural world… is breathtaking.

We must steward this gift for the next generation.

Our goal: Become a net zero company

We utilize natural resources in three primary ways:

    1. Energy to power Offices
    2. Energy to power Vehicles
    3. Raw materials and energy that generates the products we procure


Become a net zero company, utilizing natural resources in three primary ways.

Impact Strategies:

1. Energy to power offices

  • 100% Green power. 46.75 tons of annual CO2 emissions avoided.
  • Manchester contracts for wind power.

2. Energy to power vehicles: 35% complete. 19.5 tons of CO2 emissions offset, 39.5 tons to go

  • We seek local, clearly demonstrable ways of offsetting emissions
  • We have helped fund 3 different NH charity’s green initiatives: The Granite Y, Lakes Region Community Developers, and Squam Lakes Science Center. These projects save each nonprofit cost in perpetuity while eliminating CO2 emissions through efficiency or green power generation.
  • We are working on reducing our driving and associated emissions, while balancing quality of service to clients

3. Procurement: Exact impact TBD. Current strategies include:

  • Green computing principles are applied
  • Mainstay offices are paperless

03. Community

A strong community at the heart of what we do

Our lives are intertwined with those around us. No one succeeds or fails alone. We must clearly strengthen the community where we live and work. We do not believe that “business ethics” are simply guidelines in the unbridled pursuit of money above all else. Rather, the purpose of business must match the purpose of life itself. We must pursue what is true, good, and beautiful, for ourselves, and for those around us.

We work to tie our business to the lives of those who face obstacles. As we succeed, they are moved closer to opportunities.

Our goal: To demonstrably improve lives through targeted giving and volunteering.



Donating roughly $38,800.00 to non-profits to help families and support those in need in 2021.

Impact Strategies:

1. Mainstay Technologies Charity Fund. We match team giving and contribute company profits into a fund at New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF). Our internal charity team selects a theme and works with NHCF to identify exceptional nonprofits that we can partner with and then measure the results. For more about our intentional approach to investing in nonprofits, see Applying Conscious Capitalism to your Mission.

2. Time: Team Volunteering. Our team volunteers and serves on boards throughout the state, and we are proud of the citizens they are! We also have a Volunteer Time Off day that we use together.

3. 2021 Charity Fund highlights: