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Managed IT Services

The outsourced IT department you can trust and that you will love working with every day!

Reliable, Fully Managed IT Services

Your organization relies on IT, but IT is not your business. Your focus is on your core strengths and should not be on leading, hiring, training, and executing the many complexities of an IT department.

With Mainstay, you get a personal, core IT team that integrates with your business. We shoulder the ongoing responsibility of IT, leveraging our highly trained and diverse team to deliver exactly what you need, giving you:

  • Confidence that IT runs exactly as it should
  • Clarity for IT plans and options
  • Certainty your staff enjoy interacting with IT
  • Peace in knowing your systems are secure
  • A right-sized budget, with no surprises

Our clients receive the sophistication they need, delivered through personal teams.  We take our clients from concern and frustration around IT to rock-solid confidence.

We love working with our clients and removing the technology roadblocks to their success! We believe every organization deserves high-performing IT, delivered by caring, skilled staff.

This is what has fueled our success since 2004. All our records, awards, and steady organic growth are because our clients trust their IT and love working with their IT team.

Mainstay can help you chart out your technology future. It’s about where are you now in terms of information technology and information security, where do you want or need to be, from a compliance standpoint, and how can we get you there.

Sarah Mattson Dustin

Executive Director, New Hampshire Legal Assistance

We are known for:

  • Exceptional team members
  • Fast support
  • Consistent high quality
  • Industry-leading cybersecurity
  • Wise guidance and planning

How do we provide quality IT services?

If you’ve had experience with a Managed Service Provider before, you may question whether quality can be consistent and real.

We are passionate about quality. This really, really matters to us.

We invest deeply in our team, build our culture with care, develop the processes to ensure the details happen, and structure our service so we sit on the same side of the table as our clients.  We have a full Security Operations Center and have pioneered high-security, cost-saving approaches for our clients (we are both a Managed Service Provider and a Managed Security Services Provider).  We only take on a client when we are convinced we are the best option for them.  And then we grind out the details for them, in every facet of their IT department, each day, evolving continuously.

And we root all of this on the Mainstay Way: our mission to give more than we get, and our 6 core values.

How do we work alongside existing IT departments?

For organizations that retain some on-staff IT, we expand and enhance your capabilities through co-managed IT services.  Our experience is that these relationships work best when care is taken at the beginning for fit. We look to align technology stacks, be involved in planning and guidance, and establish clear areas of responsibility.  With that structure, we can then leverage our team in a tailored way, giving you the power of a full team for a fraction of the cost of an additional staff member.  Our co-managed IT clients especially appreciate our Engineering team for guidance, projects, and specialty engineering, along with our SOC team who shoulders the responsibility of backup monitoring, patch management, and security layer response.

Watch the IT Services Overview

Ryan Robinson, Senior Director, shares more about service quality, breadth of expertise, and team structure.

IT Onboarding Roadmap

What do the first 30 days and beyond look like with Mainstay? Our Client Transformation team guides you through a smooth transition. View the full roadmap.

Not sure where to start?

Consider an Assessment.

Mainstay Technologies by the Numbers





 21 Awards from Best of Business to Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

80% of support requests handled by the same primary technician, with fast response times

100% of clients receive robust planning


5% average savings of hardware/software through Mainstay

1st-day onboarding for critical security measures

Who We Serve

We are purpose built for organizations of 15-500 staff, in northern New England. We also work with fully remote organizations, who do not have a central office.

We work across many industries, with a primary focus on:







Health Centers, Physicians'
Offices, Specialty Practices

Professional Services
CPAs, Law Firms, Engineering,
Architects, Consulting

Hear from our clients:  

Mainstay really hits on both the tactical day-to-day work and the bigger picture strategic support – where we need to be thinking in the future, how we can best service our clients, and how we can have a great working environment for our employees. When everything works and you don't have to think about IT, it just makes your day a lot better.

Bill Bald

President, Melcher & Prescott Insurance

If you look at where we are before Mainstay to where we are today, it’s night and day… The company has grown and Mainstay has definitely helped us get to where we are today.

Mark Makmann

Chief Financial Officer, MetroWalls