photo of Adam Lucas Adam Lucas - Systems Engineer
Andrew Dytewski Andrew Dytewski - Desktop Technician
photo of Autumn Sanborn Autumn Sanborn - Finance Specialist
photo of Barbara Dadian Barbara Dadian - Finance Specialist
photo of Ben Dadian Ben Dadian - Desktop Technician
Brady McNeill Brady McNeill - Response Services Technician
Team member Brandon Lepore Brandon Lepore - Response Services Technician
photo of Branimir Karajcic Branimir Karajcic - Systems Engineer
photo of Brian Mack Brian Mack - Response Services Technician
photo of Chuck Cheney Chuck Cheney - Response Services Lead
photo of Derek Tillman Derek Tillman - Response Services Technician
photo of Ed Gregoire Ed Gregoire - Response Services Technician
photo of Eric Shanley Eric Shanley - Systems Administrator
Erin Mealey - Project Coordinator
photo of Frank Caruso Frank Caruso - Systems Administrator
photo of Gary Maheu Gary Maheu - Response Services Technician
Geoff Stanford - Network Technician
Isaac Mishkit, Mainstay Technologies Isaac Mishkit - Purchasing Agent/ Vendor Manager
photo of James Spruengli James Spruengli - Response Services Technician
Janet Demers - Office Manager
photo of Jared Lacey Jared Lacey - Response Services Technician
photo of Jason Golden Jason Golden - Chief Information Security Officer
photo of Joe Cormier Joe Cormier - Software Engineer
photo of Jonathan O’Brien Jonathan O’Brien - Software Engineer
Josh Wilson - Response Service Technician
photo of Justin Blondin Justin Blondin - Information Security Specialist
photo of Keith Cassettari Keith Cassettari - Systems Administrator
photo of Kyle Schofield Kyle Schofield - Systems Administrator
photo of Melissa Abbott Melissa Abbott - Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Mike Perrotta Mike Perrotta - Systems Engineer
photo of Nicholas Dube Nicholas Dube - Systems Engineer
Photo of Nick Patrick Nick Patrick - Response Services Technician
Paige Yeater - Client Services Director
Photo of Rick Dupuis Rick Dupuis - Senior Systems Administrator
Ryan Barton, CEO of Mainstay Technologies Ryan Barton - Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Robinson, Chief Services Officer at Mainstay Ryan Robinson - Chief Service Officer
Stacey Zalenski - Office Coordinator/Benefits Administrator
Stephen Polizzi Stephen Polizzi - Systems Administrator
Photo of Steve Bailey Steve Bailey - Systems Adminstrator
Photo of Steve Kudlik Steve Kudlik - Chief Operating Officer
Mainstay Technologies Team member Steven Gerrish Steven Gerrish - Systems Administrator
Mainstay Technologies Team member Tim Flight Tim Flight - Level 2 Systems Administrator
Team member Tony Romano Tony Romano - Systems Administrator