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Ethan Golden


As a young kid I grew up in Weare, NH. We eventually moved to Merrimack and Milford, and now we recently moved to Temple, NH on a beautiful piece of land!

What was your first memory of using computers?

I love gaming, and I believe my first memory of using a computer was probably on our old PS2 playing various different games like Star Wars Battlefront, Little Big Planet or Call of Duty!

When you’re not found in front of a computer you are…?

I admittedly spend quite a bit of time on my computer, but when I’m not you’d probably find me reading, listening to music or a podcast, flying my awesome DJI mini 2 drone outside, spending time family, playing sports, watching movies or eating yummy food!

What was the last great book you read?

Hmm, oh boy. I love reading and have read many good books recently. I mainly read medieval fantasy books and I would probably say the last great book I read was The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. My favorite series of all time would probably be The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson or The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfus.

If you could go anywhere for an entire month, where would it be and why would you go there?

If I was to go anywhere for a month, I would probably go back to Europe. My family and I have traveled there in the past to places like Ireland and Switzerland. I found it very beautiful and peaceful there! I would really like to explore more countries and cities in Europe like Austria, Norway and the UK. I also love Disney World, so if I wasn’t going to Europe than I would probably be going there!

What are you most frequently heard listening to?

I like a variety of music, but I mainly like rap, pop, and rock music. My playlists are usually very random and have a smattering of songs from different artists. Some of my favorites are Ed Sheeran, Eminem, NF, Logic, Joyner Lucas, Shinedown, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Hopsin, AC/DC, Metallica, Nickelback, Falling in Reverse, Green Day, and the list goes on!

Favorite sports teams?

I root for all of the Boston sports teams, but my favorite would be the Red Sox. I played baseball for probably around 15 years since I was a little kid and went to a ton of Red Sox games. Baseball was a big part of my youth and I had a lot of fun times playing!