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The First 30 Days: Mainstay’s IT Onboarding

Changing IT partners can feel daunting.  We take the pain out of the process through IT onboarding over the first 30 days. 


We have experience switching in the midst of the most turbulent and complex times (because of our deep cybersecurity expertise, we are often the ones called when an organization has a breach. We can take on services in the midst of that situation – but please don’t wait until then!)

Before Onboarding

We work together to pick the date, help you gather necessary passwords, and navigate communication with any other parties.

Day 1

Your core IT team meets you and your staff. Our onboarding team implements dozens of security controls immediately (and without disruption), stabilizes backups, and begins documenting. Your Client Services Manager begins a business alignment process where we learn details of your business and begin tailoring Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans, planning preparation, and reports.

Day 1-15

We implement dozens of security controls, document your IT extensively, and work through pent-up requests from your staff (once staff realize IT is pleasant and keenly effective, invariably they begin reporting a myriad of issues they had gotten used to living with)

Day 15-30

We document our recommendations and educate your leaders on risk, new technologies, and options. Together we create the multi-year roadmap and strategic plan for IT and schedule based on priorities and budget.

Day 30+

We execute any additional necessary upgrades and overhauls to ensure that all aspects of IT are trustworthy.  Your organization benefits from IT that is worthy of confidence, delivered by a tightly embedded team through Mainstay Managed IT.

Hear from our clients:  

Mainstay really hits on both the tactical day-to-day work and the bigger picture strategic support – where we need to be thinking in the future, how we can best service our clients, and how we can have a great working environment for our employees. When everything works and you don't have to think about IT, it just makes your day a lot better.

Bill Bald

President, Melcher & Prescott Insurance

If you look at where we are before Mainstay to where we are today, it’s night and day… The company has grown and Mainstay has definitely helped us get to where we are today.

Mark Makmann

Chief Financial Officer, MetroWalls