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Response to Receiving NHBR’s Business Excellence Award

The evening of October 28th was NHBR’s annual Business Excellence award ceremony.

It was the end of the night, after many incredible businessmen and women had been recognized for the organizations they built and the contributions they made to the local community.

It had been a wonderful evening. Many of our friends were in the audience, including valued clients, peers, and community members.

The final category to be called was Technology.

And the winner was… Mainstay Technologies!

I was surprised, honored, and moved. We are big fans of New Hampshire Business Review, and we care deeply about our New Hampshire community.  To be chosen by the panel of judges for this prestigious award means a lot to me and to our team.

I get the rare privilege of working with an absolutely phenomenal team of professionals each day – the ones responsible for the excellence in Mainstay, and the true recipients of this Business Excellence award.

Since day 1, we at Mainstay have been committed to a common-good business model that seeks to intentionally bless each person it touches.  It’s a high standard of success, and one we don’t always hit. But each day we steadily, passionately work on improving what we do, with that as our vision and standard.

Mainstay delivers technology services to our clients, but at the end of the day, it’s about people.  We seek to combine industry-leading technology with a delightful experience by providing our clients with a structured team of professionals that understands them, values them, are excited to serve them, and are working diligently for their best interests.

This focus on people extends to all facets of what we do.  Our goal is to build a long-lasting business that is a positive impact on all:

  • That our clients’ lives are better because of the quality and care in the services we deliver. 
  • That our team members’ lives are better because of the opportunities, culture built on core values, and success they can experience.
  • That our vendors’ lives are better because of the business they do with Mainstay and the integrity, respect, and win-win focus of the relationships.
  • That our owners/shareholders’ lives are better because of success across multiple bottom lines – financial,social, cultural, etc.
  • That future generations’ lives are better because of our stewardship of the environment and care with all resources with which we have been entrusted.
  • That our communities’ lives are better because of the charity, respect, and intentionality with which we conduct business.

An award like this shows just how wonderful it is to do business in New Hampshire, where there is such a vibrant business community that comes alongside us, encourages us, and stands with us as we pursue this mission.

Thank you judges and thank you New Hampshire Business Review!

– The Mainstay Team