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On Receiving Best of Business Award 2019

Each year, the NH Business Review hosts the “Best of Business” awards, where they give away awards to one business in each of ~90 categories.  The winners are selected solely based on community vote – over 4,400 people participated this year in voting for the “BoB” awards. 

I’m delighted that for 2019, Mainstay has won its 3rd “Best of Business” award for the Managed IT Services category! 

We are not a company with a marketing machine out asking for votes, so that our clients and community rose up to vote in this way is very honoring and speaks directly to the amazing team that I get to work with every day.

When I was young, I thought business was a game of big moves, fancy deals, and dramatic changes. What I’ve learned instead – and what the community recognized in this vote – is that success is about people. It’s about the people on the team, the people we get to serve, and the care we get to express.

When I talk with clients about what they appreciate about Mainstay, over and over again I hear the names of individual team members – of the people that serve them, build relationships, and constantly work on their behalf.

It is that care – for our clients, for each other, for each person we interact with, for the standard of work we do each day, for technology, and for continuous improvement – that drives our individual and corporate success and that also makes our work so meaningful. 

This year marks 15 years since I first started Mainstay, with nothing more than a laptop, a folding table, and a 2 door Ford Explorer.  Seeing the mark we have been able to make on the business community over the last decade and a half (and honored in this award) makes me feel very grateful.  Grateful to each team member, each client, and each individual who has had so much to do with our story!

Thank you to all who voted for Mainstay, thank you to our broader NH and MA business community, and especially thanks to each Mainstay team member who leads, serves, and works so well!