A security team for small business

Mainstay’s cybersecurity team exists to bring SMB organizations the security and compliance services they need. Enterprise level security, brought to local businesses.

Defense for the Modern World

Our medieval forefathers didn’t leave security to chance. They actively assessed their risks, built layers of protection, and maintained a defensive security posture.

Today, the walls aren’t made of stone but are no less important. Your business’s commerce, money, secrets, and very existence is protected by your technology security measures.  You can hope the walls are thick enough and leave it to chance. Or you can be intentional and face the risk head on.

Assess Risk & Pre-Audit Compliance.

How much risk do you face? How much security is enough? Are you compliant with necessary regulations which range from state laws to HIPAA, GLB, PCI and more? Mainstay uses an agile process to evaluate network, devices, policies, training, and more to identify vulnerabilities. We then turn that into a training session for business leaders on the specific risks your organization faces, with recommendations to reduce that risk to acceptable levels.

Remediate Issues and Implement Security.

New threats multiply daily. In years past, it was enough to have antivirus, a firewall, a password, and Windows Updates. Today, many layers are required (defense in depth) – from staff training to laptop encryption to monitoring of critical events. Technology is in nearly every part of our lives, and every technology point represents a security risk – requiring protection. We implement defense in depth, leveraging industry frameworks (such as ISO 27001, NIST, and HIPAA). We scale those frameworks down appropriately for small businesses and their budgets.

Maintain the Security Model.

Security is not one-and-done. Security is a discipline, requiring constant vigilance. Security monitoring, testing, scanning, assessing, remediating, and evolving is an ongoing, daily task. Mainstay provides flexible Managed Security Services right-sized for each client.

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