IT is a critical aspect of any organization

Technology encompasses so many elements that it is extremely challenging for a small team to deliver necessary IT services, 24/7/365. Mainstay delivers professional IT services to clients who have their own IT department (typically 1-5 staff members). We work alongside onsite staff to provide breadth and depth,  seamlessly extending the IT department to provide the capacity, coverage, and specialization needed. The service approach is highly customized for each one of our clients, based on their specific needs and the skills and workload of the staff.

IT strategic planning

Consulting, brainstorming, and dedicated planning and budgeting, to help lead IT’s direction.

Back-end monitoring and maintenance

Monitoring, maintenance, and back-end tasks that are critical, but are mundane (and can often be automated). Business Intelligence dashboards and reports so you have a handle on your system.


Providing risk assessments, security projects, and managed security services. Security is extremely challenging to do “on the side” and requires an intentional, focused approach.

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On-demand engineering

Many of our clients have recurring onsite visits from an engineer to work alongside on an ongoing basis.

Response services

Fast, personal issue resolution. Provided either directly to end-user staff, or to the IT professionals for escalated, complex issues. Shared ticketing system if desired. And of course, vacation coverage.


Technology implementations done to best practices, with you, so you learn the technology. We routinely deliver projects around VMware, Azure, Veeam, Server 2012, Server 2016, Cisco, Meraki, Office 365 and other technologies.


Logistics of warranty renewals, new equipment purchase, returns, and all that goes with procurement.


The right cloud recommendations, migration services, and support, whether it’s individual components or full infrastructure.

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