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Books to Cultivate Wisdom for What Lies Ahead

More specifically, the right books – books that require wrestling – inform our minds and shape our worldviews. That combination of informed head and shaped heart builds wisdom. Understanding, applied well. The right knowledge for the right time, to build something good not just effective. Wisdom is what we need in this season, more than ever.

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The Mainstay Playbook: Utilizing Proper Technology to Support a Positive Remote Workforce

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations of all sizes have had to rapidly change the way they use technology to conduct business. Within a matter of days of social distancing requirements being announced, businesses and nonprofits rushed to a remote work environment that many were unprepared to handle.

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An Overview of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Version 1.0

If you’re in the business of defense contracting, like many clients we partner with at Mainstay Technologies, you’ve likely heard the acronym “CMMC” this year! Whether we’ve met you at a workshop or seminar on security and compliance, or you’re just starting to evaluate what level of CMMC you need to meet, we’re here to Read More »

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