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The Cybersecurity Article I Never Thought I’d Write

Our industry is filled with articles and ads that play on cybersecurity-anxiety*. “Buy this product so you don’t get hacked!”  “Our solution makes you compliant!”  “All you need to stop hackers is this software!” Never true. When you see such nonsense, cry out “shyster, scallywag, and pettifogger!” Why? Because those claims are always only partially Read More »

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The Mainstay Playbook: Cybersecurity Layers & Workflows to Protect Your Company

In a new work environment, what was once familiar can seem unfamiliar. With the quick move to remote work,  individual users are more likely to fall for social engineering attacks while navigating a new environment and establishing new norms. Additionally, home networks often lack the security layers of business networks. These weaknesses are exploited by Read More »

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An Overview of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Version 1.0

If you’re in the business of defense contracting, like many clients we partner with at Mainstay Technologies, you’ve likely heard the acronym “CMMC” this year! Whether we’ve met you at a workshop or seminar on security and compliance, or you’re just starting to evaluate what level of CMMC you need to meet, we’re here to Read More »

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